GD, Gd, or gd may refer to:

Arts and entertainmentEdit

  • G-Dragon (born 1988), leader of the South Korean musical group Big Bang
  • Grateful Dead, an American rock band
  • Green Day, an American rock band
  • Geometry Dash, a rhythm-based video game for smartphones and PC
  • Good Drawing, in text this means that the drawing of a person is good

Business and economicsEdit

Math, science and technologyEdit

Biology and medicineEdit


  • Gadolinium, symbol Gd, a chemical element
  • Soman, a toxic chemical (NATO designation GD)


  • GD Graphics Library, for dynamically manipulating images
  • GD-ROM, storage media for the Sega Dreamcast
  • .gd, the country code top-level domain for Grenada



  • Georgia Dome, a stadium in Atlanta, Georgia and the home of the Atlanta Falcons
  • Grenada (ISO 3166 country code)
  • Guangdong, a province of China (Guobiao abbreviation GD)

Other usesEdit