George Speight


George Speight (born 1957) is a Fijian politician who was the leader of the 2000 Fijian coup d'état.

Personal lifeEdit

Speight was born in 1957 in Naivicula, Fiji.[1] He is a graduate of the Andrews University, and a member of the Conservative Alliance-Matanitu Vanua party.[1][2][3] He is the brother of politician Samisoni Tikoinasau and the uncle of rugby player Henry Speight.[4]

Fiji coup of 2000Edit

Speight was the leader of the 2000 Fijian coup d'état.[2]

Speight's partner, Torika Rawlinson, told the student newspaper Wansolwara that the original intention had been to execute members of the deposed government the night before the coup actually took place. She denied others' reports that Indo-Fijian businessmen had been involved.[3]

Speight was sentenced to death, which was later commuted to life in prison.[4] As of 2006 he is serving his sentence at the Naboro Maximum Security Prison.[5]

A spokesman for deposed Prime Minister Mahendra Chaudhry said that he would be prepared to meet with Speight in principle.[6]


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