Gil Hoffman


Gil Hoffman is an Israeli journalist and the chief political correspondent for the Jerusalem Post.[1][2][3] Hoffman has served as the host of Inside Israel Today on The Land of Israel Network since 2017,[4] and he previously worked on Voice of Israel from 2014-15.[5]

Early life and careerEdit

Hoffman grew up outside of Chicago in Lincolnwood, Illinois.[6] He attended high school at Ida Crown Jewish Academy and graduated magna cum laude from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.[7][8] He previously worked for the Miami Herald and the Arizona Republic.[9] He made Aliyah at age 22 in 1999.[2] After immigrating to Israel, Hoffman served in an artillery unit with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and later served as a spokesperson for the IDF reserves.[2]

Current careerEdit

Hoffman is currently the chief political correspondent and analyst for the Jerusalem Post. Hoffman covers local elections, campaigns, and the current Israeli administration; he has also conducted interviews with prominent Israeli leaders, including prime ministers, members of the Knesset, and other public figures.[3] Hoffman has noted in the past it is important to him to remain objective in speaking about Israel due to his position as chief political correspondent.[10]

Outside of writing, Hoffman hosts the podcast Inside Israel Today, an English-language political podcast broadcast out of Israel where he interviews prominent Israeli politicians. He also hosted a Meet the Candidates series in preparation for the April 2019 Israeli legislative election.[4] He also briefly hosted for the Voice of Israel until the network ceased broadcasting in 2015.[5][11]

He makes regular appearances on CNN, TRT World, and Al-Jazeera along with local Israeli television programs.[12][13][14][15] He is a frequent lecturer on Israel, having spoken in every major English-speaking country in the world and all 50 U.S. states.[16][6] Hoffman also teaches a course on journalism at the College of Management Academic Studies.[17]

Personal lifeEdit

According to Jerusalem Press Club, Hoffman currently resides in Israel. He is married and has three children.[18]


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