Gilbert (Martian crater)


Gilbert (crater on Mars)
Location of Gilbert Crater
Coordinates68°00′S 86°18′E / 68°S 86.3°E / -68; 86.3Coordinates: 68°00′S 86°18′E / 68°S 86.3°E / -68; 86.3
QuadrangleMare Australe quadrangle
Diameter121 km
EponymG. K. Gilbert
Viking Orbiter 2 mosaic

Gilbert is a large Martian crater located in the south of the planet in the Mare Australe quadrangle. It is one of several large craters in the heavily pock-marked upland region. It was named in 1973 in honour of American geologist Grove Karl Gilbert.[1]

Gilbert crater is north of Promethei Mons.


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