George Thopia
Lord of Durazzo
Noble familyThopia
Spouse(s)Voislava Branković
FatherKarl Topia
MotherVojislava Balšić

George Thopia (Albanian: Gjergj Topia, Italian: Giorgio Topia, fl. 1388–d. 1392) was the Lord of Durazzo (Durrës) from 1388 to 1392. He was the son of Karl Topia and Vojislava Balšić.[citation needed] George married Voislava (Teodora), the daughter of sevastokrator Branko Mladenović, of the Serbian Branković family.[1]

George was required to return Durazzo to the Republic of Venice in 1392.[2] Later that year, he died without issue.[citation needed] His sister, Elena, gained the bulk of the rest of his holdings, whilst a smaller portion was left to his younger sister, Vojsava.[citation needed]

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Preceded by
Karl Topia
as Prince of Albania
Lord of Durazzo
Succeeded by
Helena Thopia