Go Off!


Go Off! is the second and final studio album by heavy metal band Cacophony, released in 1988 through Shrapnel Records. About two years after the album's release, guitarist Jason Becker was diagnosed with ALS, rendering him paralyzed and completely unable to play to this day.[1] Also two years later, guitarist Marty Friedman joined the band Megadeth.[2]

Go Off!
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Released1988 (1988)
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Speed Metal Symphony
Go Off!

Critical receptionEdit

Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic     [3]
Collector's Guide to Heavy Metal8/10[4]
Rock Hard7.5/10[5]

In a contemporary review, Wolfgang Schäfer of Rock Hard was not overly impressed by the album but remarked how Friedman and Becker refrained "from superfluous solo escapades", making the music more accessible and fueling the suspicion that Mike Varney wanted "to repeat the success of the dissolved Racer X with this band."[5]

Andy Hinds at AllMusic found Go Off! an improvement on their 1987 debut album Speed Metal Symphony and compared the "slightly more song-oriented approach" to contemporaries Racer X. He praised Friedman and Becker's technical craft as "a very interesting listen at times" and that "there are even some beautiful moments, like the outro of the title track", while also noting an element of restraint in their playing compared to Speed Metal Symphony. However, much criticism was directed at singer Peter Marrino, with Hinds lambasting his vocals as "annoying" and the lyrics "ridiculous".[3]

Martin Popoff reviewed positively the album and considered it "too crazy, professional and intense for its day", becoming "a cult classic" and "a mid-years progressive metal cornerstone." He was also critical of Marrino's vocals, but praised Deen Castronovo's performance as "possibly his chopsiest of a long career."[4]

Track listingEdit

Side one
1."X-Ray Eyes"Marty Friedman, Jason Becker5:10
3."Stranger"Becker, Steve Fontano3:24
4."Go Off!"Friedman, Becker3:46
Side two
5."Black Cat"Friedman, Becker7:45
6."Sword of the Warrior"Friedman, Fontano5:09
7."Floating World"Friedman5:10
Total length:40:13


Additional musicians


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