Google Feud


Google Feud
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Developer(s)Justin Hook
Platform(s)Browser, iOS, Android
ReleaseApril 23, 2013; 8 years ago (2013-04-23)
Mode(s)Single Player

Google Feud is a browser-based trivia game featuring answers pulled from Google. It is based on the American game show Family Feud .


The game was created in 2013 by American indie developer Justin Hook, a writer for Bob's Burgers on FOX, as well as other TV shows and comic books.[1][2]

Google Feud went viral in March 2015, when it was featured on the front page of Buzzfeed,[3] played on @midnight with Chris Hardwick,[4] referenced in the monologue of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,[5] and featured in dozens of other outlets. Google Feud has since been played over half a billion times by nearly 30 million players.[6]

Google Feud has become a popular game with YouTubers, including Dan and Phil,[7] Markiplier,[8] PewDiePie,[9] and jacksepticeye.[10]

In 2017, Google Feud was featured on the Fine Brothers program Celebs React on Fullscreen, with contestants including Tyler Oakley.[11]

According to Colin McMillen, a staff software engineer at Google who shared the game on his Google+ page, a very similar game was played by employees in Google's offices around the world.[12][13]

Other versions and platforms

An app version of Google Feud called Autocompete is available for iOS and Android. A bot version, also called Autocompete, is available on Amweb [14][failed verification][non-primary source needed]

Google Feud is also available as a Tor hidden service.[citation needed]


Google Feud became the subject of some controversy for promoting the online game Push Trump Off A Cliff Again!, also created by Hook, after celebrities including John Leguizamo and Rosie O'Donnell promoted the game on their Twitter profiles.[15]


Google Feud won the "People's Voice" Webby Award for Games in 2016, presented by Nick Offerman.[16]


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