Government of Jersey
Gouvèrnément d'Jèrri (in Jèrriais)
Central government
Government of Jersey logo English.png
Government of Jersey logo Jerriais.png
Logos of the Government of Jersey in English and Jèrriais
StateBailiwick of Jersey
LeaderChief Minister
Appointed byChief Minister, with approval from the States Assembly.[1]
Main organCouncil of Ministers
Responsible toStates Assembly
Headquarters19-21 Broad Street
Saint Helier
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The Government of Jersey (Jèrriais: Gouvèrnément d'Jèrri), is the central government of the Bailiwick of Jersey.[2]

The government is led by the Chief Minister, who selects all the remaining ministers. The chief minister and the other ministers belong to the supreme decision-making committee, known as the Council of Ministers. The government ministers all sit in the States Assembly, and are accountable to it.

Local government

Jersey is divided in 12 parishes, which are further divided into vingtaines (or, in St. Ouen, cueillettes), divisions that are historic. Today they are used chiefly for purposes of local administration and electoral constituency. Each parish has their own Assembly.

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