Gramos, Greece


Gramos (Greek: Γράμος, Aromanian: Gramosta) is a remote mountain village and a former municipality in Kastoria regional unit, Western Macedonia, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the Nestorio municipality as a municipal unit.[2] The municipal unit has an area of 59.422 km2.[3] Population 18 (2011). The village is a traditional Aromanian (Vlach) settlement, named after the nearby Gramos mountains to its south. It lies very close to the Albanian border. The source of the river Aliakmonas is near Gramos. It had the smallest population of any municipality in Greece at 28 inhabitants in the 2001 Greek census. It was also the least densely populated community or municipality in Greece, at 0.47 inhabitants/km2. A small road connects Gramos with Nestorio, 20 km to its east. Gramos is the nearest village to Lake Gkistova.

Gramos is located in Greece
Location within the regional unit
DE Gramou.svg
Coordinates: 40°23′N 20°50′E / 40.383°N 20.833°E / 40.383; 20.833Coordinates: 40°23′N 20°50′E / 40.383°N 20.833°E / 40.383; 20.833
Geographic regionMacedonia
Administrative regionWestern Macedonia
Regional unitKastoria
 • Municipal unit59.4 km2 (22.9 sq mi)
 • Municipal unit
 • Municipal unit density0.30/km2 (0.78/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Vehicle registrationKT

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