Greg Anderson (guitarist)


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Greg Anderson (born 1970) is an American musician, a co-founder of Southern Lord Records.

Greg Anderson
Anderson performing with Sunn O))) in 2005
Anderson performing with Sunn O))) in 2005
Background information
Born1970 (age 52–53)
OriginSeattle, Washington, U.S.
GenresDoom metal, avant-garde metal, hardcore punk
Instrument(s)Guitar, bass
Years active1980s–present
LabelsSouthern Lord Records

Anderson is the guitarist of stoner doom band Goatsnake, but is also well known for his collaborations with Stephen O'Malley. Together, the duo participated in projects such as the short-lived death/doom metal band Thorr's Hammer, the extreme doom metal band Burning Witch (although Anderson left before the band could record an album), as well as the drone metal bands Sunn O))) and Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine.


Earlier in his career, Anderson was involved with the straight edge hardcore punk bands False Liberty, Brotherhood, Amenity, Statement, Galleon's Lap, and the Revelation Records and indie rock/hardcore punk band Engine Kid.

Both Brotherhood and Galleon's Lap featured future Foo Fighters and Sunny Day Real Estate bass player Nate Mendel.

In 2007, Greg joined Attila Csihar and Oren Ambarchi in a new drone-doom project called Burial Chamber Trio, as well as Ascend, a current project/record with Gentry Densley, the former singer-guitarist of Revelation Records band Iceburn.

In April 1998, Anderson and O'Malley founded the independent, underground label Southern Lord Records, based in Los Angeles, California. The company specializes in doom, sludge, drone, experimental metal, left-field black metal, and, more recently, crust punk.


With The LordEdit

  • Forest Nocturne (2022)
  • Devotional (collaboration with Petra Haden, 2022)

With False LibertyEdit

  • The Zoo Is Free (Demo 1986)
  • Silence Is Consent... 7" (EP 1986)

With BrotherhoodEdit

  • Brotherhood of Friends (1988)
  • Words Run... As Thick As Blood (1989)

With AmenityEdit

  • Chula Vista (Demo 1989)

With StatementEdit

  • Don't Sacrifice Me 7" (EP 1989)

With Galleons LapEdit

  • Themes And Variations (1991)

With Engine KidEdit

  • Engine Kid (EP 1992)
  • Astronaut (EP 1993)
  • Bear Catching Fish (CD and LP 1993)
  • The Little Drummer Boy/In The Bleak Midwinter (split with Silkworm 1993)
  • Three On The Tree (split with Wreck 1994)
  • Iceburn/Engine Kid (split CD with Iceburn 1994)
  • Angel Wings (CD 1995)
  • Troubleman Unlimited (EP 1995)

With Thorr's HammerEdit

With GoatsnakeEdit

With Sunn O)))Edit

With Teeth of Lions Rule the DivineEdit

With Burial Chamber TrioEdit

With AscendEdit

  • Ample Fire Within (2008)

With PentempleEdit

  • Sunn O))) Presents… (Live album, 2008)


  • Sunn O))) Exclusive Interview Transcripts: Greg Anderson – The Wire

External linksEdit

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  • An Extensive audio interview with Anderson about his music and label on the Jekyll and Hyde Show, 106FM Jerusalem