Greg Howe (album)


Greg Howe is the first studio album by guitarist Greg Howe, released in 1988 by Shrapnel Records.[1] Prior to its recording, Howe had sent a demo tape to Shrapnel founder Mike Varney in 1987, after which he was signed to the label.[2]

Greg Howe
Greg Howe - 1988 - Greg Howe.jpg
Studio album by
Released1988 (1988)
StudioPrairie Sun Recording, Cotati, California
GenreInstrumental rock
ProducerMike Varney
Greg Howe chronology
Greg Howe

Critical receptionEdit

Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic     [1]
Collector's Guide to Heavy Metal5/10[3]

Andy Hinds at AllMusic described Greg Howe as "fresh compared to the melodramatic work of peers like, say, Vinnie Moore" and "a high-octane, indulgent rock romp. Worth hearing." He also listed "Kick It All Over" and "The Pepper Shake" as highlights.[1] Martin Popoff in his Collector's Guide to Heavy Metal found the album "not all heavy, but for the most part, fruity, pop-tastic and colourful", while Howe's guitar playing reminded him of George Lynch.[3]

In a 2009 article by Guitar World magazine, the album was ranked 10th on the all-time top 10 list of shred albums.[4] As of 2006 it remains Howe's best-selling release.[2]

Track listingEdit

All music is composed by Greg Howe.

Side one
1."Kick It All Over"5:03
2."The Pepper Shake"4:11
3."Bad Racket"3:43
4."Super Unleaded"5:38
5."Land of Ladies"4:25
Side two
6."Straight Up"3:58
7."Red Handed"5:23
8."After Hours"3:33
9."Little Rose"5:50
Total length:41:44





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