HD 110082 b


HD 110082 b
HD 110082 b comparison.png
HD 110082 b (grey) compared to Neptune
Discovered byTofflemire et al.
Discovery siteTESS Telescope
Discovery dateFebruary 2021
Orbital characteristics[1]
0.11±0.01 AU
10.18±0.00 d
2,458,629.91±0.00 JD
StarHD 110082
Physical characteristics
Mean radius
3.2±0.1 R🜨[1]
Mass10.3 M🜨[2]
Temperature955 K[3]

HD 110082 b is a sub-Neptune exoplanet orbiting the F-type main-sequence star HD 110082 343 light years away in the circumpolar constellation Octans The exoplanet's discovery was reported in February 2021.


The star was discovered by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite using the transit method. Since the host is young, the planet is slightly larger than most sub-Neptune planets.[1]


Since the planet was recently discovered, not all parameters are known. HD 110082 b has a radius 3 times that of Earth, which is unusual for its type. The TOI tables, which is not yet an accepted source, gives an estimate for its temperature to be 955 K.[3] HD 110082's mass is unknown, but NASA's Eyes on Exoplanets gives it an estimate of 10.3 times that of Earth.[2]


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