HR 5183 b


HR 5183
HR 5183 b.png
The planet's orbit and comparison to Jupiter
Discovered byBlunt et al.
Discovery date2019
Radial velocity
Orbital characteristics
75.017 ± 30.116 years[1]
Physical characteristics
Mass≥3.23±0.14 MJ[1]

HR 5183 b is an exoplanet located 102.7 light years away in the constellation of Virgo orbiting the star HR 5183. It has a minimum mass of 3 Jupiter masses. It has a highly eccentric (e≃0.84) orbit which takes it from within the orbit of Jupiter to beyond the orbit of Neptune, which classifies it as an eccentric Jupiter and it has been nicknamed the "whiplash planet".[2] [1] It was discovered in 2019 based on two decades of radial velocity observations.[1]

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