Hakaniemi (Swedish Hagnäs) is an unofficial district of Helsinki, the Finnish capital. It covers most of the neighbourhood of Siltasaari. It is considered a part of the Helsinki city center.[citation needed] Historically, it was often associated with the working class and workers' associations. However, the cost of living has risen considerably in recent years and is now on par with that of the rest of central Helsinki.

Ympyrätalo building

The best-known features of Hakaniemi include a large and lively marketplace, Oriental food stores with a good variety of Asian imported products[1] the headquarters of several trade unions, the headquarters of the Social Democratic Party of Finland and the Left Alliance Party and the Helsinki Hilton hotel. Famous buildings include the round Ympyrätalo building (architects Heikki and Kaija Sirén, 1968) and the Hakaniemi Market Hall [fi] (architect Karl Hård af Segerstad, 1914).[2]

The Hakaniemi market hall is one of the three most important market halls in Helsinki. The other two are in the Market Square and in Hietalahti.

The Hakaniemi market square was built on reclaimed land. It has been the site of a farmers' market since 1897.[3]


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