Harestua Solar Observatory


Harestua Solar Observatory (Norwegian: Solobservatoriet på Harestua) is a solar observatory near Harestua in the municipality of Lunner, Oppland, Norway.

Solar Observatory at Harestua
Solar observatory at Harestua near Oslo.JPG
OrganizationTycho Brahe Instituttet AS
LocationHarestua, Lunner, Oppland, Norway
Coordinates60°12′36″N 10°45′1″E / 60.21000°N 10.75028°E / 60.21000; 10.75028Coordinates: 60°12′36″N 10°45′1″E / 60.21000°N 10.75028°E / 60.21000; 10.75028
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Harestua Solar Observatory is located in Norway
Harestua Solar Observatory
Location of Solar Observatory at Harestua
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It was used for solar research purposes from 1954 to 1986, and was subordinated the University of Oslo. From 1987 it has been a dedicated science centre for astronomy education for Norwegian schools and public science events. Since 2008, the Solar Observatory has been run by Tycho Brahe Instituttet AS extending the educational activities to incorporate natural sciences as a whole.

The solar observatory at Harestua.
Lesser telescopes at the solar observatory at Harestua.

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