Haulani (crater)


PIA20359 Haulani crater at LAMO crop.jpg
Haulani imaged by Dawn from LAMO
Coordinates5°20′N 10°35′E / 5.34°N 10.58°E / 5.34; 10.58Coordinates: 5°20′N 10°35′E / 5.34°N 10.58°E / 5.34; 10.58[1][2]
Diameter34 kilometres (21 mi)
NamingAfter Haulani, Hawaiian goddess of plants

Haulani /hˈlɑːni/ is an impact crater located on Ceres that contains "Spot 1", one of the bright spots observed by the Dawn spacecraft. The crater was named after Haulani, the Hawaiian goddess of plants.[1][2] In July 2018, NASA released a comparison of physical features, including Haulani crater, found on Ceres with similar ones present on Earth.[3]

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