Heleobia is a genus of small freshwater and brackish water snails with a gill and an operculum, aquatic gastropod mollusks in the family Cochliopidae and the superfamily Truncatelloidea.[4]

Scientific classification

Type species
Paludestrina culminea
  • Ventrosia Radoman, 1977[2]

Heleobia is one of three genera (together with Semisalsa and Heleobops) within the subfamily Semisalsinae.[5] Some authors treated Semisalsa as a subgenus of Heleobia.[5]


Species within the genus Heleobia include:

Species brought into synonymy
  • subgenus Heleobia (Semisalsa) Radoman, 1974: synonym of Semisalsa Radoman, 1974
  • Heleobia dalmatica (Radoman, 1974): synonym of Semisalsa dalmatica Radoman, 1974
  • Heleobia stagnorum (Gmelin, 1791):[13] synonym of Semisalsa stagnorum (Gmelin, 1791)


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