Heliodorus of Larissa


Heliodorus of Larissa (fl. 3rd century?) was a Greek mathematician, and the author of a short treatise on optics which is still extant.


Nothing is known about the life of Heliodorus.[1] He was a native of Larissa,[2] and he must have lived after the time of Claudius Ptolemy, whom he quotes. His short treatise on optics is little more than a commentary on Euclid.[3] It was edited by one Damianus, who was either his son or his pupil.[2] The first printed edition, in Greek and Latin, was published in Paris in 1657 with illustrative notes by Erasmus Bartholinus.[1]


  • Capita opticorum (in Latin). Pistoia: Atto Bracali. 1758.

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