Hewletts Creek


Hewletts Creek is a stream in New Hanover County, North Carolina, in the United States.[5] It is the only stream of its name in the United States.

Hewletts Creek
Tributary to Intracoastal Waterway
Map of Hewletts Creek mouth location
Map of Hewletts Creek mouth location
Location of Hewletts Creek mouth
Map of Hewletts Creek mouth location
Map of Hewletts Creek mouth location
Hewletts Creek (the United States)
CountryUnited States
StateNorth Carolina
CountyNew Hanover County
Physical characteristics
SourceCape Fear River divide
 • locationWilmington, North Carolina
 • coordinates34°10′56″N 077°53′52″W / 34.18222°N 77.89778°W / 34.18222; -77.89778[1]
 • elevation32 ft (9.8 m)[2]
MouthIntracoastal Waterway
 • location
Masonboro, North Carolina
 • coordinates
34°10′53″N 077°50′07″W / 34.18139°N 77.83528°W / 34.18139; -77.83528Coordinates: 34°10′53″N 077°50′07″W / 34.18139°N 77.83528°W / 34.18139; -77.83528[1]
 • elevation
0 ft (0 m)[2]
Length4.69 mi (7.55 km)[3]
Basin size11.09 square miles (28.7 km2)[4]
 • locationIntracoastal Waterway
 • average18.37 cu ft/s (0.520 m3/s) at mouth with Intracoastal Waterway[4]
Basin features
Progressioneast and southeast
River systemAtlantic Ocean
 • leftunnamed tributaries
 • rightunnamed tributaries
BridgesRobert E. Lee Drive, NC 132, Holly Tree Road, Cascade Road, Pine Grove Drive

Hewletts Creek was named for a family of settlers.[6]

Variant namesEdit

According to the Geographic Names Information System, it has also been known historically as:[1]

  • Hewlet Creek
  • Hewlets Creek


Hewletts Creek rises on the Cape Fear River divide in Pine Valley Country Club of Wilmington, North Carolina and then flows east and southeast to the Intracoastal Waterway in Masonboro, North Carolina.[2]


Hewletts Creek drains 11.08 square miles (28.7 km2) of area, receives about 57.9 in/year of precipitation, and has a wetness index of 586.63 and is about 11% forested.[4]

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