Hive UI


Hive logo.jpg
Developer(s) Xolo
Operating systemAndroid
TypeGraphical user interface

Hive (stylized as HIVE) is a custom ROM developed by Xolo and is built on the Android operating system v 4.4.4 (Kitkat).[1] Hive is exclusive to Xolo devices and is not licensed to third-parties.[citation needed]

Hive was designed by Xolo's software design team at Bangalore.[citation needed] Users can interact with the development team and share ideas for new features. The Hive Development Team aims to release over-the-air updates with new features or bug fixes every fortnight.[citation needed]

The first Xolo device (8X-1000) with Hive was launched in August 2014.[2]

Smartphones running Hive UI

  • Xolo 8X-1000
  • Xolo Omega 5.0[3]
  • Xolo Omega 5.5[4]
  • Xolo Black
  • Xolo Black 1X

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