Home Swinger


Home swinger
Home swinger.jpg
String instrument
Hornbostel–Sachs classification314.11
(True board zither without resonator)
Inventor(s)Yuri Landman

A Home Swinger is a musical instrument created by Yuri Landman. The instrument has 12 strings, an electronic pickup and a movable rod to alter the pitch of the instrument.

Landman created the instrument for workshops at European festivals and venues, where participants built their own copy within four hours,.[1] The instrument was also featured in the United States in a 2010 workshop at the Knitting Factory.[2] At those events, Landman performed with the participants.

The Home Swinger is derived from his Moodswinger and a DIY-version of this instrument.[3] When played at one part of a string, the opposed part starts to resonate, depending on a predictable mathematical ratio of the strings' lengths divided by the rod.[4]

The instrument was nominated as one of the instruments for the second Guthman Musical Instrument Competition 2010 at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta.[citation needed] In 2010 the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona, included a Home Swinger as well as a Moodswinger in their collection as two pieces of the Dutch section of musical instrument inventions.[5] The Rotterdam based art space and music venue WORM owns a Home Swinger together with a series of other instruments made by Landman, in their music studio for their artist-in-residence program.[citation needed]


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