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Hose barbs are cylindrical pieces or parts for attaching and securing of hoses (tubing). The barb-like rings on the cylindrical piece allow for an easy push-connection of flexible-plastic or rubber tubing that is not so easily disconnected. Hose barbs are used in machine perfusion and chemistry laboratory equipment. Hose barb fittings are small curved, bent or T-shaped pipes, hoses or tubes with hose barbs on at least one side used to join two or more pieces of piping (hosing, tubing) together. Hose barbs are commonly used in the agriculture industry to connect anhydrous ammonia (NH3) hoses. [1]

Cross section of a Büchner flask. Note the hose barb pointing right for attaching a vacuum source.
Aspirator with a hose barb
on the right arm
A copper aspirator. The water inlet and outlet are at the top and bottom, respectively; the air inlet is on the side.

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