Hydrophis - Brehms.jpg
Annulated sea snake, H. cyanocinctus
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Suborder: Serpentes
Family: Elapidae
Subfamily: Hydrophiinae
Genus: Hydrophis
Latreille In Sonnini & Latreille, 1801

35, See text

Hydrophis is a genus of sea snakes. They are typically found in Indo-Australian and Southeast Asian waters. Currently, around 36 species are recognized.[1]

Systematics and classification

There are more than 30 recognized species in the genus.[1]

Species Authority Subsp.* Common name Geographic range
H. annandalei (Laidlaw, 1901) 0 bighead sea snake, Annandale’s sea snake Indian Ocean
H. atriceps Günther, 1864 0 black-headed sea snake
H. belcheri (Gray, 1849) 0 Belcher's sea snake Queensland and New Territories, Australia
H. bituberculatus W. Peters, 1873 0 Peters' Sea Snake Indian Ocean (Sri Lanka, Thailand)
H. brookii Günther, 1872 0 Brooke's sea snake
H. caerulescens (Shaw, 1802) 0 dwarf sea snake Queensland, Australia
H. cantoris Günther, 1864 0 Cantor's narrow-headed sea snake, Cantor's small-headed sea snake
H. coggeri (Kharin, 1984) 0 slender-necked sea snake, Cogger's sea snake[2] Western Australia
H. curtus (Shaw, 1802) 0 Shaw's sea snake, Short sea snake, Hardwicke’s sea snake, spine-bellied sea snake
H. cyanocinctus Daudin, 1803 0 annulated sea snake, blue-banded sea snake
H. czeblukovi (Kharin, 1984) 0 fine-spined sea snake
H. donaldi [3] Ukuwela, K. Sanders
& B. Fry, 2012
rough-scaled sea snake Northern Australia
H. elegans (Gray, 1842) 0 elegant sea snake
H. fasciatus (Schneider, 1799) 0 striped sea snake
H. gracilis (Shaw, 1802) 0 common small-headed sea snake, graceful small-headed sea snake, narrow-headed sea snake, slender sea snake
H. hardwickii (Gray, 1834) 0 Hardwicke’s spine-bellied sea snake
H. inornatus (Gray, 1849) 0 plain sea snake Western Australia
H. jerdonii (Gray, 1849) 0 Jerdon's sea snake Indian Ocean
H. kingii Boulenger, 1896 0 King's sea snake
H. klossi Boulenger, 1912 0 Kloss' sea snake
H. laboutei A. Rasmussen & Ineich, 2000 0 Laboute's sea snake[2] New Caledonia
H. lamberti M.A. Smith, 1917 0 Lambert's sea snake
H. lapemoides (Gray, 1849) 0 Persian Gulf sea snake
H. macdowelli Kharin, 1983 0 small-headed sea snake, McDowell's sea snake Western Australia
H. major (Shaw, 1802) 0 greater sea snake, olive-headed sea snake
H. mamillaris (Daudin, 1803) 0 Bombay sea snake
H. melanocephalus Gray, 1849 0 sea snake
H. melanosoma Günther, 1864 0 black-banded robust sea snake
H. nigrocinctus Daudin, 1803 0 black-banded sea snake
H. obscurus Daudin, 1803 0 estuarine sea snake, Russel's sea snake
H. ocellatus (Gray, 1849) 0 spotted sea snake
H. ornatus (Gray, 1842) 0 sea snake
H. pacificus Boulenger, 1896 0 large-headed sea snake
H. parviceps M.A. Smith, 1935 0 Smith's small-headed sea snake
H. peronii (A.M.C. Duméril, 1853) 0 Peron's sea snake
H. platurus Linnaeus, 1766 0 yellow-bellied sea snake
H. semperi Garman, 1881 0 Semper's sea snake Lake Taal, Philippines
H. sibauensis A. Rasmussen, Auliya
& W. Böhme, 2001
0 Kalimantan sea snake
H. spiralis (Shaw, 1802) 0 yellow sea snake
H. stokesii (Gray, 1846) 0 Stokes' sea snake, Stokes's sea snake
H. stricticollis Günther, 1864 0 collared sea snake
H. torquatus Günther, 1864 2 west coast black-headed sea snake
H. vorisi Kharin, 1984 0 Kharin's sea snake Torres Strait, Queensland
H. walli (Kharin, 1989) 0 Wall's sea snake

[4] *) Not including the nominate subspecies (typical form).

Nota bene: A binomial authority in parentheses indicates that the species was originally described in a genus other than Hydrophis.

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