IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society


IEEE Aerospace & Electronic Systems Society
TypeProfessional Organization
FocusThe advancement of integrated electronic systems and large-scale integrated interoperable systems.
Area served
MethodPublications and Conferences
Key people
Giuseppe A. Fabrizio (Current President), Teresa Pace (Jr. Past-President), Robert P. Lyons, Jr. (Sr. Past-President)

The IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society (AESS) is a society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) that focuses on the advancement of integrated electronic systems and large-scale integrated interoperable systems.[1]

The AESS is the only professional society dealing with total integrated electronic systems and the enabling technologies. AESS pioneered large-scale integrated interoperable systems.


AESS annually sponsors numerous international conferences that focus on its field of interest, including the IEEE Aerospace Conference, IEEE Radar Conference, and the National Aerospace & Electronics Conference (NAECON). The society also operates more than 60 chapters around the world.[2]


Warren D. White Award

The IEEE Warren D. White Award for Excellence in Radar Engineering is an award presented annually for outstanding achievements due to a major technical advance (or series of advances) in the art of radar engineering.[3] This award is a panel award is presented by the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society. It is presented annually to a recognize the contributions of an individual radar engineer. The significance and nature of these contributions are expected to be publicly well known to the radar community at large, as evidenced by technical papers, inventions, presentations, or products.[3][4]

The award was established in 1999 by Dana White Starr and Warren H. White to memorialize their father. The actual award is a plaque and honorarium.


  • Daniel W. Bliss[3] 2021- "For Contributions to Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Radar, Multiple-Function Sensing and Communications Systems, and Novel Small-Scale Radar Applications."
  • Simon Watts [3] 2020 - "For contributions to airborne maritime surveillance radar design and the modelling of radar sea clutter."
  • J. Scott Goldstein [5] 2019 - "For contributions to the design, development, and fielding of multi-domain radar, EW, and cyber systems."
  • David J. Fittz [6] 2018 - "For Technical Contributions to the Design, Development, and Fielding of Multiple Advanced Airborne Surveillance Radars."
  • Ram Narayanan [7] 2017 - "For Contributions To High Resolution Radar System Development, Signal Processing and Applications."
  • James Day [3] 2016 - "For Contributions Towards Developing And Fielding Advanced US Navy Airborne Early Warning Radars."
  • Moeness G. Amin[4] 2015 - "For Fundamental Contributions to Urban Radar and Through the Wall Radar Imaging."
  • William L. Melvin[8] 2014 - "For Contributions to Advanced Radar Signal Processing."
  • Muralidhar Rangaswamy [9] 2013 - "For Fundamental Contributions to Advanced Radar Signal Processing."
  • Braham Himed [10] 2012 - "For Contributions to Advanced STAP, Bistatic, and OTH Radar."
  • Mark E. Davis [11] 2011 - "For Contributions to Advanced Radar Systems and Signal Processing."
  • Karl R. Gerlach [12] 2010 - "For Contributions to Adaptive Radar Signal Processing."
  • Michael C. Wicks [13] 2009 - "For Significant Innovation in Advanced Radar Signal Processing."
  • Serpil Ayasli [14] 2008 - "For Significant Contributions to Ultra-Wideband Radar for Ground Penetration and Foliage Penetration Radar."
  • Joseph R. Guerci [15] 2007 - "For Excellence in Radar Adaptive Processing and Waveform Diversity."
  • Ben Cantrell [16] 2006
  • John N. Entzminger, Jr.[17] 2005
  • Eli Brookner [18] 2003
  • J. Barrie Billingsley [3] 2002
  • Irving S. Reed[19] 2001

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