IEEE Industry Applications Society


The IEEE Industry Applications Society (IAS) is a Society of the IEEE.


The IEEE Industry Applications Society was formed in 1964 as the Industry and General Applications Group, and changed its name to the IEEE Industry Applications Society on December 3 of 1971.[1]


The Society publishes the IEEE Industry Applications Magazine[2] and the IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications[3]


The Society organizes and co-sponsors several international conferences every year such as:

  • Electrical Safety Workshop
  • Rural Electric Power Conference
  • Industrial & Commercial Power Systems Technical Conference
  • Cement Industry Technical Conference (cosponsored with the Portland Cement Association
  • Petroleum & Chemical Industry Conference
  • Pulp and Paper Industry Conference
  • Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting
  • IEEE-IAS Electrical Safety, Technical & MegProject Workshop

and many more international and national events. See also IAS Conference Calendar.


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