IRNSS-1F is the sixth navigation satellite out of seven in the Indian Regional Navigational Satellite System (IRNSS) series of satellites after IRNSS-1A, IRNSS-1B, IRNSS-1C, IRNSS-1D and IRNSS-1E. The satellite is one among the seven of the IRNSS constellation of satellites launched to provide navigational services to the region.[3]

IRNSS Series 1.jpg
Mission typeNavigation
COSPAR ID2016-015A
SATCAT no.41384 [1]
Mission duration12 years
Spacecraft properties
Spacecraft typeSatellite
ManufacturerISRO Satellite Centre
Space Applications Centre
Launch mass1,425 kilograms (3,142 lb)
Dry mass598 kilograms (1,318 lb)
Power1660 W
Start of mission
Launch date10:31:00, March 10, 2016 (UTC) (2016-03-10T10:31:00UTC)
RocketPSLV-XL C32
Launch siteSatish Dhawan Second
Orbital parameters
Reference systemGeocentric
RegimeSub-Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit (sub-GTO)[2]
Perigee altitude284 km (176 mi)[3]
Apogee altitude20,657 km (12,836 mi)
Inclination32.5 deg E


It was launched aboard a PSLV-XL rocket bearing flight number C32 and was successfully put into geosynchronous orbit at 1601 hrs IST on 10 March 2016.[4][5]


The satellite carries two types of payloads. The navigation payload transmit navigation service signals to users and ranging payload consists of C-band transponder that facilitates accurate determination of the range of the satellite.[3]

It carries Corner Cube Retro Reflectors for laser ranging.[6]

IRNSS-1F has a 12-year mission life.[2]

Animation of IRNSS
Around the Earth
Around the Earth - Polar view
Earth fixed frame - Equatorial view, front
Earth fixed frame - Equatorial view, side
Earth fixed frame - Polar view
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