Iazu (crater)


Color-coded for minerals and annotated, Iazu crater is south of Endeavour crater
Color-coded for minerals and annotated, Iazu crater is south of Endeavour crater
RegionMeridiani Planum
Coordinates2°42′S 5°12′W / 2.7°S 5.2°W / -2.7; -5.2Coordinates: 2°42′S 5°12′W / 2.7°S 5.2°W / -2.7; -5.2
QuadrangleMargaritifer Sinus quadrangle
Diameter6.8 kilometers
EponymIazu, Romania

Iazu is an impact crater located within the Meridiani Planum extraterrestrial plain, situated within the Margaritifer Sinus quadrangle (MC-19) region of the planet Mars. This geological feature is about 7 km in diameter.[1] It is close to the landing site of the Mars Exploration Rover-B Opportunity, and its walls have been photographed by the spacecraft during its traverse to Endeavour Crater. At the time, the crater was about 38 kilometers (24 mi) away.[2] It was named in 2006 for Iazu, a commune in Dâmboviţa County, southern Romania.[1]

Bopolu (crater) is west of Iazu and Endeavour crater.

Views from orbit

Annotated image showing the position of Opportunity and names for the craters Iazu, Endeavour, and Victoria
MER-B on Sol 2239 imaged the then distant craters including the Rim of Endeavour crater and Iazu ejecta

From surface

The field of view and context for this image on MER-B Sol 2239 is shown above, and in the distance the rim of Iazu is marked

Context map

Annotated elevation map of Opportunity landing site and some surrounding craters including Endeavour and Airy

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