Ilarion Roganović

Ilarion Roganović (12 July 1828, Podgorica – 15 January 1882) was Bishop of Cetinje and Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Highlands. He was also the Archimandrite of the Ždrebaonika monastery in Bjelopavlići and the Ostrog monastery.


Ilarion Roganović was born on 12 July 1828 in Podgorica. He was taught by priest Aleksije Radičević and priest Isaija Bajković. Metropolitan Petar II ordained him as a deacon in 1843 and then as a monk in 1847. On 5 August 1860, Prince Nikola named him the Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Highlands. He consecrated 45 temples and ordained 119 priests. He died on 15 January 1882, and was buried in the Vlah Church in Cetinje. He was succeeded by Visarion Ljubiša.

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Preceded by
Nikanor Ivanović
Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Highlands
Succeeded by
Visarion Ljubiša