Incident at Phantom Hill


Incident at Phantom Hill is a 1966 American Techniscope Western film directed by Earl Bellamy and starring Robert Fuller, Jocelyn Lane, Dan Duryea and Tom Simcox.

Incident at Phantom Hill
Incident at Phantom Hill.jpg
Directed byEarl Bellamy
Screenplay byFrank S. Nugent
(as Frank Nugent)
Ken Pettus
Story byHarry Tatelma
Produced byHarry Tatelman
StarringRobert Fuller
Jocelyn Lane
Dan Duryea
Tom Simcox
CinematographyWilliam Margulies
Edited byGene Milford
Music byHans J. Salter
Color processTechnicolor
Universal Pictures
Distributed byUniversal Pictures
Release date
  • July 1, 1966 (1966-07-01)
Running time
88 minutes
CountryUnited States

The story involves a Union gold shipment, which is stolen and buried in the desert. Both Union and rebel forces struggle to find it while threatened by the Comanche. A romance complicates the action.


At the end of the American Civil War, a group of Southern rebels steal a Union shipment of gold and bury it in a cave near an area known as Phantom Hill, Texas. After they are captured by Union forces, their leader secretly makes a deal with the army to reveal the gold's location in return for his release; a release based on a pardon promised him by the Confederate States of America at the beginning of the Civil War.

An army captain and four other men are given the job of accompanying the rebel on the journey to locate the gold. As the men are getting ready to leave, they are compelled to take with them a woman who is essentially being ordered out of town. She and the captain are attracted to each other, though initially the relationship is not warm.

Phantom Hill is located on land newly-assigned to the Comanche and the group must deal with hostilities from them. Eventually, after the gold is located, the rebel gets one of the group drunk, kills him and steals his gun. He kills another man, then escapes with the group's weaponry, the wagon filled with the gold, and the woman. The remaining men, without guns, must again face the Comanche. After this confrontation, only the captain and one other remain alive. They set off in pursuit of the rebel.

Enjoying some unexpected luck, the two arrive ahead of the rebel and the woman at a location important to all of them, due to their need of water. A short pursuit occurs which ends when the woman tosses a rifle to the captain, who kills the rebel. The three survivors begin the return trek to deliver the gold to the American government.


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