Indu Prakash was an Anglo - Marathi periodical published from Bombay in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Established by Vishnu Parshuram Pandit in 1862, it was published as a weekly bi-lingual periodical and often contained articles supporting the Indian freedom movement and criticism of the British colonial rule. It was latter merge in lokmanya . Ranade, Telang, Chandwarakar, Parvate were involved in success of Induprakash.K.G.Deshpande who was in charge of Induprakash requested Sri Aurobindo to write about the current Political situation. Aurobindo Ghosh began writing a series of fiery articles under the title "New Lamps for Old" where in he strongly criticised the Congress for its moderate policy [1]

The newspaper's name means Moon light in English.[2]


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