Inert gas generator


Inert gas generator (IGG) refers to machinery on board marine product tankers. Inert gas generators consist distinctively of a gas producer and a scrubbing system.[1][2]


Diesel is burned using atmospheric air in a combustion chamber and the exhaust gas collected, the resulting exhaust gas contains less than 5% oxygen, thereby creating "inert gas", which mainly consist of Nitrogen and partly Carbon Dioxide. The hot, dirty gas is then passed through a scrubbing tower which cleans and cools it using seawater. This gas is then delivered to cargo tanks to prevent explosion of flammable cargo.[1]

This generator is sometimes confused with flue gas systems, which draw inert gas from the boiler systems of the ship. Flue gas systems do not have a burner but only "clean" and measure the air before delivering it to the cargo hold.[1]

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