Institute of Physics Isaac Newton Medal


Institute of Physics Isaac Newton Medal and Prize
Awarded forWorld-leading contributions to physics by an individual of any nationality.
Sponsored byInstitute of Physics
CountryUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
Presented byInstitute of Physics Edit this on Wikidata
Reward(s)Gold medal, £1000
First awarded2008
WebsiteOfficial website
Replica of Newton's second reflecting telescope, which he presented to the Royal Society in 1672[1]

The Isaac Newton Medal and Prize is a gold medal awarded annually by the Institute of Physics (IOP) accompanied by a prize of £1,000.[2] The award is given to a physicist, regardless of subject area, background or nationality, for outstanding contributions to physics. The award winner is invited to give a lecture at the Institute. It is named in honour of Sir Isaac Newton.

The first medal was awarded in 2008 to Anton Zeilinger, having been announced in 2007.[3] It gained national recognition in the UK in 2013 when it was awarded for technology that could lead to an 'invisibility cloak'.[4][5] By 2018 it was recognised internationally as the highest honour from the IOP.[6]


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