Intakt Records


Intakt Records is an independent record label, based in Zürich.

Intakt Records
Founded1986 (1986)
FounderPatrik Landolt
GenreJazz, avant-garde
Country of originSwitzerland


The label was founded in 1986 by Patrik Landolt.[1] In the early 1980s he had co-founded Fabrikjazz, a cultural organization, with Remo Rau and pianist Irène Schweizer.[1] "It was due to high-quality festival recordings made by Swiss Radio that Landolt was eventually inspired to start the label": he said that "Irène Schweizer was internationally known at this time, but her music wasn't well documented, [...] I decided to bring out the first recordings as LPs".[1] The first release sold well – 2,000 copies in one month.[1] In 2003 the 80th album was released[2] and by mid-2013 Intakt had released more than 220.[1]


The label "sees itself as something more than a traditional record company, working with its artists over the long term to produce carefully curated editions."[1] In the late 1990s, a subscription service was introduced, allowing customers to buy every new release directly from the label at a discount.[2] Although the catalogue has been made available for digital download, as of 2013 Landolt still enjoys producing CDs as a physical product.[1]


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