Italyanskaya Street


Italyanskaya Street is a street in Saint Petersburg, Russia, which goes from the Griboyedov Canal to the Fontanka Embankment. It intersects with the Arts and Manezhnaya squares, as well as the Mikhailovskaya, Sadovaya, Malaya Sadovaya and Karavannaya streets.

Italyanskaya Street
Italianskaya Street SPB 01.jpg
Native name Итальянская улица  (Russian)
Location Saint Petersburg, Russia
Horse tram station near Grand Hotel Europe, early 20th century

The street was named after the Italian Palace, which had been built there in 1739 and demolished in the early 19th century.[1] The Ekaterininskiy Institute was built in its place.

Between 1871 and 1902, the street was called Bolshaya Italyanskaya ('Big Italian'), while the modern Zhukovskogo Street was called Malaya Italyanskaya ('Small Italian').[2]

Notable buildingsEdit

Many buildings on this street are listed as cultural heritage objects:


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