Mission typeCommunication
OperatorSKY Perfect JSAT Group
COSPAR ID2016-082A
SATCAT no.41903
Spacecraft properties
BusSSL 1300
Launch mass3,400 kg (7,500 lb)[1]
Power10 kW
Start of mission
Launch date20:30:00, December 21, 2016 (UTC) (2016-12-21T20:30:00Z)
RocketAriane 5 ECA
Launch siteGuiana Space Centre ELA-3
Orbital parameters
Reference systemGeocentric
Semi-major axis~42,126 kilometres (26,176 mi)
Perigee altitude~35,721 kilometres (22,196 mi)
Apogee altitude~35,775 kilometres (22,230 mi)
Period~1434 minutes
BandKu band

JCSAT-15 is a communications satellite designed and manufactured for SKY Perfect JSAT Group by SSL on the SSL 1300 platform.[1][2] It has a launch weight of 3,400 kg (7,500 lb), a power production capacity of 10 kW and a 15-year design life. Its payload is composed of Ku band and Ka band transponders.

SKY Perfect JSAT Group will use JCSAT-15 as a replacement of N-SAT-110.[2]


On April 2014, SSL announced that it had been awarded a contract by SKY Perfect JSAT Group to manufacture two satellites: JCSAT-15 and JCSAT-16. The former would be a 10 kW satellite to be a replacement of N-SAT-110 plus expansion capability.[3]

On Sep 8, 2014 Arianespace announced that it had signed a launch service contract with JSAT for the launch of JCSAT-15 aboard an Ariane 5 ECA rocket,[4][5] and the launch occurred on December 21, 2016.[6] It will move to a geostationary orbit at 110E.


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