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LocationJules Graindor, Anderlecht
Coordinates50°50′42″N 4°19′07″E / 50.84500°N 4.31861°E / 50.84500; 4.31861Coordinates: 50°50′42″N 4°19′07″E / 50.84500°N 4.31861°E / 50.84500; 4.31861
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Line 5

Jacques Brel is a metro station on Line 5 of the Brussels Metro. It is named after Belgian singer, songwriter, and poet Jacques Brel. The station opened on 6 October 1982 as part of the BeekkantSaint Guidon extension of line 1B. Following the reorganisation of the Brussels Metro in April 2009, this part of line 1B is now part of line 5. After the city of Brussels started with art projects to enhance their underground, Maurice Wyckaert was appointed to decorate the Jacques Brel station.