Maharani Janki Bai
Empress consort of the Maratha Empire
Tenure12 March 1689 - 2 March 1700
Died2 March 1700
SpouseRajaram Chhatrapati
FatherPrataprao Gujar

Janki Bhosale (née Gujar) (1675 - 2 March 1700 CE) was Empress consort of the Maratha Empire as the first wife of Rajaram Chhatrapati.

Jankibai was the daughter of Prataprao Gujar, an aristocratic general, who was the commander-in-chief of the Maratha Empire.[1][page needed] Her father died in a battle against the Mughals at Nesari on 24 February 1674. Shivaji, the king of the Marathas upon hearing the solemn news, grieved his general's death. As a result, he married his second son, the ten-year-old Rajaram to the five-year-old Jankibai. They were married in a grand ceremony that took place in Raigad Fort on 7 March 1680. Her father-in-law Shivaji died on 3 April 1680, twenty five days after her marriage.[2][page needed]


On 2 March 1700, the thirty-year-old Rajaram died following a brief illness. At his funeral rites, Jankibai committed sati, that is, throwing herself onto her husband's funeral pyre.


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