Japan National Route 466


National Route 466 (国道466号, Kokudō Yonhyaku roku-jurokugō) is a national highway in Japan connecting Setagaya, Tokyo and Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama, with a total length of 18.4 kilometers (11.4 mi).

National Route 466 shield
National Route 466
Route information
Length18.4 km[1] (11.4 mi)
Existed6 May 1993–present
Major junctions
North end National Route 246 at Setagaya, Tokyo
South endK2 Mitsuzawa Route at Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama
Highway system
National Route 465 National Route 467

List of interchanges and featuresEdit

Name Connections Dist. from
origin (km)
Notes Location
Seta Intersection   National Route 246 0.0 From here to Tamagawa Interchange is commonly known (and signed) as Kanpachi-Dori Setagaya Tokyo
Tamagawa Interchange Met. Route 311 (Kanjō Hachigō Route) 1.8 Northern terminus of the Daisan Keihin Road Setagaya Tokyo
Keihin-Kawasaki 4.0 Kanagawa
Tsuzuki 9.5 Kanagawa
Kohoku   Yokohama North Route 12.5 Tsuzuki-ku, Shin Yokohama Kanagawa
Hodogaya   Mitsuzawa Route
  Yokohama Shindō
17.0 Kanagawa
Through to   Mitsuzawa Route, Yokohama Shindō, Yokohama Yokosuka Road, Hodogaya Bypass

Daisan Keihin RoadEdit

Daisan Keihin Road
  第三京浜道路 (Daisan Keihin Dōro)
Route information
Maintained by East Nippon Expressway Company
Length16.6 km (10.3 mi)
  National Route 466
Major junctions
North endSetagaya, Tokyo
  National Route 466 / Tokyo Metropolitan Route 311
South endKanagawa-ku, Yokohama
  Yokohama Shindo /   National Route 466
Highway system

A major part of the National Route 466 is known as the Daisan Keihin Road (第三京浜道路, Daisan Keihin Dōro), a limited access toll road connecting Tokyo and Yokohama. It is managed by the East Nippon Expressway Company. In addition to its designation as National Route 466, the Daisan Keihin Road is signed as a part of E83 under the "2016 Proposal for Realization of Expressway Numbering".[2]

Route descriptionEdit

The toll road has three lanes traveling in each direction along the entire 16.6-kilometer (10.3 mi) route. The speed limit is set at 80 km/h along most of the toll road, the only exceptions to this limit is at the termini of the route where the limit is set at 60 km/h.


In short, the tolls average at a cost of 50 to 100 yen per exit. To drive the entire route costs ¥390 for standard-sized cars.[3]


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Coordinates: 35°36′01″N 139°38′00″E / 35.60025°N 139.633285°E / 35.60025; 139.633285