Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics


Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Formation1990; 31 years ago (1990)
HeadquartersTokyo, Japan
FieldsApplied Mathematics
Official language
Japanese and English

Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (JSIAM) is a Japanese non-profit organization for the field of applied mathematics. JSIAM is not a branch but a Japanese counterpart of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) based in the United States.


As same as SIAM, JSIAM publishes academic journals in Japanese and English, hold academic conferences,[1] and give awards to applied mathematicians with JSIAM membership.

English Journals and Publications from JSIAM

  • SIAM Online Magazine
  • JJIAM (Japan Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics)[2]
  • JSIAM Letters[3]


The finance of JSIAM is based on membership fee and support from their corporate sponsors. Their sponsors include Canon, Nissan, NEC, NTT, Hitachi, Fujitsu and Ricoh.[4]

Contributions to EASIAM

EASIAM (East Asia Section of SIAM)
Formation1998; 23 years ago (1998)
Legal statusActive
PurposePromoting applied mathematics in eastern Asia
 Hong Kong
 South Korea
FieldsApplied Mathematics
Official language
Key people
Gilbert Strang (Founder of EASIAM)
Parent organization
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

EASIAM (East Asia Section of SIAM) aims to advance the studies of applied mathematics in eastern Asia. As part of the Eastern Asian community, JSIAM is partially supporting EASIAM. Within their support, EASIAM is publishing the East Asian Journal of Applied Mathematics from the Global Science Press,[5] and hold the EASIAM conference every year.[6]

Year Region City EASIAM conference organizers
2019  China Wuhan Wuhan University
2018  Japan Tokyo University of Tokyo and JSIAM
2017  South Korea Seoul Seoul National University
2016  Macau Taipa University of Macau
2014  Thailand Pattaya Mahidol University
2013  Indonesia Bandung Bandung Institute of Technology
2012  Taiwan Taipei National Taiwan University
2011  Japan Kitakyushu Waseda University and JSIAM
2010 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Malaya University
2009  Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan Universiti Brunei Darussalam
2008  South Korea Daejeon National Institute for Mathematical Sciences

ICIAM 2023

JSIAM has announced that they will be organizing the International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics in 2023 with the Mathematical Society of Japan.[7]


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