Japanese survey ship Hakuyo Maru (1929)


Japanese auxiliary survey vessel Hakuyo Maru.jpg
Pre-war photo of inspection and observation ship Hakuyo Maru
Empire of Japan
Name: Hakuyo Maru
Builder: Kawasaki Shipyard Co., Ltd.
Laid down: 15 December 1928
Launched: 6 August 1929
Sponsored by: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Completed: 12 November 1929
Acquired: Requisitioned by the Imperial Japanese Navy, 15 September 1942
Homeport: Tokyo[1]
Identification: 35354[1]
Fate: sunk by torpedo attack, 20 March 1945
General characteristics
Displacement: 1,327 long tons (1,348 t) standard[1]
Length: 68.5 m (224 ft 9 in) o/a[1]
Beam: 10.9 m (35 ft 9 in)[1]
Draught: 6.1 m (20 ft 0 in)[1]
Installed power: 980 hp (731 kW)[1]
Propulsion: oil[2]
Armament: 1 x 93-type single machine gun

Hakuyo Maru (Japanese: 白鷹丸) was a Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry fisheries inspection and observation ship that was requisitioned by the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II for service primarily as an auxiliary survey vessel but later as a submarine chaser, cargo ship, and patrol boat.


She was laid down on 15 December 1928[3] by the Kawasaki Shipyard Co., Ltd. (株式會社川崎造船所) at the behest of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (農林省).[1] She was launched on 6 August 1929, completed on 12 November 1929,[3] and registered in Tokyo.[1] The Lloyd's registry lists her as Hakuyo Maru[2] but some western sources list her as Shirataka Maru apparently due to a different translation of her name in kanji.[4]

On 15 September 1942, she was requisitioned by the Imperial Japanese Navy as a survey vessel tasked with taking soundings in the South China Sea and the Java Sea.[3] On 14 December 1943, she briefly served as a cargo ship on the Truk to Rabaul route.[3] On 1 February 1944, she was designated as a submarine chaser and reassigned to the Yokosuka Defense Force, Yokosuka Naval District.[3] On 20 March 1945, she was torpedoed and sunk by USS Pollack 50 kilometres (31 mi) northeast of Torishima at (30°40′N 140°42′E / 30.667°N 140.700°E / 30.667; 140.700Coordinates: 30°40′N 140°42′E / 30.667°N 140.700°E / 30.667; 140.700).[3][5][6] She was struck from the Navy List on 30 November 1945.[3]


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