Jaunsari people


Jaunsari lady of Uttarkhand.jpg
Jaunsari lady of Uttarkhand
Regions with significant populations
Jaunsar-Bawar, Uttarakhand
Jaunsari, Hindi

Related ethnic groups
Indo-Aryan peoples

The Jaunsari are a small community found in Uttarakhand, northern India, more specifically in the Jaunsar-Bawar region of the western portion of the state in Garhwal Division. They speak the Jaunsari language which is an Indo-Aryan language.[1]

Jaunsari is a generic term for many communities.


Jaunsari community reveres ‘Mahasu Devta’ which is principal deity of Jaunsari tribes. Dance and music are integral part of Jaunsari culture. During festivals both men and women dance under the intoxication of the folk music. Local people perform folk dances such as Barada Nati, Harul and Raso.[2][3] Fair like Magh Mela and Bissu held which mark the harvesting period.[4]

View of Mahasu Devta Temple.
Traditional Harul dance


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