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John Bennett (1959–2004) was a British scuba diver who set a world record by becoming the first person to deep dive below a depth of 300 m (1,000 ft) on self-contained breathing apparatus on 6 November 2001.[1][2][3] Bennett first broke the record in 1999 when he reached 200m accompanied by Chuck Driver, then again in 2000 Benbett set a new record of 254m, before his final record breaking dive to 308m in 2001. Having founded Atlantis Dive in the Philippines in the late 1990s, Bennett and his world record breaking team, including Ron Loos, Mark Cox and Targa Mann went on to establish Tech Dive Academy in Port Douglas, Australia.[4] In the early 2000s, Bennett and Loos made the first dives to the MV Princess of the Orient wreck site in Manila Bay.[5][6] In 2001, he located the wreck of the Imperial Japanese Navy dreadnought Yamashiro through sound scans, but could not confirm it before his death. Confirmation was not made until 2017.


John Bennett Memorial Port Douglas Cemetery.
John Bennett Memorial Port Douglas Cemetery.

John Bennett went missing on 15 March 2004 in a commercial diving incident in Korea.[7] He was declared legally dead in 2006, but his body has never been recovered.[8] Bennett was survived by his wife Gabby and their two children, Joshua and Katie.[9][10]

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