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John Pratt, pen name John Winton (3 May 1931 in London – 27 April 2001) was an English author and obituarist, following a career in the Royal Navy in which he rose to Lieutenant-Commander. He was born in London and served in the Korean War and during the Suez Crisis. Whilst still in the Navy, he wrote the comic novel We Joined the Navy, featuring the character of "The Artful Bodger". Several other novels, and a number of non-fiction works on naval subjects, followed, including a biography of Admiral John Jellicoe, 1st Earl Jellicoe. Pratt also served for 14 years as an obituarist for The Daily Telegraph.[1]



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  • We Saw the Sea (London: Michael Joseph, 1960)
  • Down the Hatch (London: Michael Joseph, 1961)
  • Never Go to Sea (London: Michael Joseph, 1963)
  • All the Nice Girls (London: Michael Joseph, 1964)
  • HMS Leviathan (London: Michael Joseph, 1967)
  • The Fighting "Téméraire" (London: Michael Joseph, 1971)
  • One of our Warships (London: Michael Joseph, 1975)
  • Good Enough for Nelson (London: Michael Joseph, 1977)
  • Aircraft Carrier (London: Michael Joseph, 1980)
  • The Good Ship Venus, or, The Lass who Loved a Sailor: a novel (London: Michael Joseph, 1984)
  • A Drowning War: a novel (London: Michael Joseph, 1985)
  • Polaris (London: Michael Joseph, 1989)
  • The Night of the Scorpion (Sutton: Severn House, 1994)


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  • An Illustrated History of the Royal Navy (London: Salamander, 2000)


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