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Jonathan Bruce Hancock is the author of 'The Study Book', a columnist for Reader's Digest magazine, and the Founder of The Junior Memory Championship. A two-time Guinness World Record-Holder and former World Memory Champion, he also spent fifteen years working as a radio presenter on BBC Radio Oxford. He has written fourteen books, mostly on memory and learning, and spent many years working as a teacher and school leader. He provides freelance services as a writer, ghost-writer, editor and publisher.

Early lifeEdit

He was born in north-east England, on 12 February 1972, but moved at an early age to North Yorkshire where he spent his early childhood, and then to Nunthorpe, a suburb of Middlesbrough. After school, he did charity work in Australia before moving to Oxford to study English at Christ Church, Oxford University. As a student in Oxford, he became involved with the local BBC radio station, where he went to work after completing his studies.



Jonathan has always had a keen interest in memory and learning. His books have titles such as 'How to be a Genius' and 'Maximise your Memory', and they have been translated into many different languages. He works with The Learning Skills Foundation as Founder of The Junior Memory Championship, an educational initiative to promote memory strategies in primary schools.

His latest books include 'The Study Book', 'Help Your Child Succeed At School', 'Brilliant Memory Training', 'Number Training Your Brain', and 'Improve Your Memory For Study'.

Jonathan spent ten years working in primary schools, as a teacher, Deputy Headteacher and Acting Headteacher.

Jonathan has worked as a memory consultant and writer for a number of TV companies. He has been the resident memory expert for all six series of the popular Channel 4 programme 'Child Genius'.

Jonathan provides freelance services as a writer, ghost-writer, editor and publisher.

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