Jupiter LI


Jupiter LI
2010 J 1 CFHT image.gif
Jupiter LI imaged by the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope on 8 September 2020
Discovered byRobert A. Jacobson
Marina Brozović
Brett Gladman
Mike Alexandersen
Discovery sitePalomar Obs.
Discovery date7 September 2010
Jupiter LI
S/2010 J 1
Orbital characteristics[1]
23314335 km
−723.2 days
Satellite ofJupiter
GroupCarme group
Physical characteristics
Mean diameter
2 km

Jupiter LI, provisionally known as S/2010 J 1, is a natural satellite of Jupiter. It was discovered by R. Jacobson, M. Brozović, B. Gladman, and M. Alexandersen in 2010.[2][3][4] It received its permanent number in March 2015.[5] It is now known to circle Jupiter at an average distance of 23.45 million km, taking 2.02 years to complete an orbit around Jupiter. Jupiter LI is about 3 km wide. It is a member of the Carme group.

Sequence of images of Jupiter LI, taken by the CFHT 38 minutes apart

This body was discovered from the 200-inch (508 cm) aperture Hale telescope in California.[6] (there is also a 60-inch aperture Hale telescope)


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