Jupiter LIX


Jupiter LIX, provisionally known as S/2017 J 1, is an outer natural satellite of Jupiter on a retrograde orbit. It was reported on June 5, 2017 via a Minor Planet Electronic Circular from the Minor Planet Center.[2] It is believed to be about 2 km in diameter.[3]

Jupiter LIX
2017 J 1 CFHT precovery full.gif
Precovery images of Jupiter LIX taken by the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope in 2010
Discovered byScott S. Sheppard et al.
Discovery date5 June 2017
Jupiter LIX
S/2017 J 1
Orbital characteristics[1]
23547105 km
−734.2 days
Satellite ofJupiter
GroupPasiphae group
Physical characteristics
Mean diameter
2 km
Precovery image of Jupiter LIX on 8 September 2010 (circled)

It is a member of the Pasiphae group. It has an average orbital distance of 23,547,105 km, with an inclination of 149.2 degrees. Its period is 734.2 days.[4]


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