Kamila Andini


Kamila Andini (born 6 May 1986) is an Indonesian film director known for her critically acclaimed debut The Mirror Never Lies.

Kamila Andini
Kamila Andini, Indonesia-Germany Institute, Yogyakarta 2018-02-14 02.jpg
Andini, 2018
Born (1986-05-06) 6 May 1986 (age 36)
Jakarta, Indonesia
Alma materDeakin University
Notable work
The Mirror Never Lies
Spouse(s)Ifa Isfansyah
Parent(s)Garin Nugroho


Andini was born on 6 May 1986 and is the eldest daughter of filmmaker Garin Nugroho.[1] Although uninterested in cinematography for fear that she would be "work[ing] in her father's shadow",[2] she began studying photography while still in junior high school, hoping to "capture people's life and behavior".[1] While in senior high school her classmates often asked her father about film making, questions which Andini later said "ashamed" her because she knew nothing of her father's oeuvre.[1] She later began to become involved with several film committees. Andini completed a degree in sociology at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia.[1]


Upon her return to Indonesia, Andini began to work as a director. She handled music videos for groups such as Ungu and Slank, as well as documentaries on music and the ocean.[1] One of these, Lagu untuk Tukik (A Song for Tukik), dealt with turtles in the ocean in the Wakatobi Regency – part of the Coral Triangle – and was screened as part of the Goethe Institute's Science Film Festival in 2012.[3] In 2009 she assisted her father in directing Generasi Biru (The Blue Generation), about the band Slank.[4]

Andini began production of her first feature film, The Mirror Never Lies, in 2009. The work took over two years of research[1] and two months of filming to complete,[5] owing to a lack of documentary evidence on the Bajau who are central to the film's narrative.[1] Co-produced by Andini's father and former Miss Indonesia Nadine Chandrawinata and starring Atiqah Hasiholan, Reza Rahadian, and Gita Novalista, the film was based on a young Bajau girl who uses mirrors to try to find her lost father.[6] It received numerous awards both domestically and internationally, including a Best Director nomination at the 2011 Indonesian Film Festival (IFF) before winning in the same category at the 2012's Bandung Film Festival.[7]

In May 2012 she started working on her second feature film, to be about children and nature.[8] This became The Seen and the Unseen (2017), a critically acclaimed work about young Balinese twins, one of whom is dying.[9] It won the Adelaide Film Festival's Feature Fiction Award in 2019.[10]

Her newest film, Yuni, premiered at the Platform program during the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival.[11]

Personal lifeEdit

In March 2012 Andini married fellow director Ifa Isfansyah.[12] The two fell in love with each other after Isfansyah's 2011 film Sang Penari (The Dancer) had provided stiff competition to Andini's The Mirror Never Lies at the IFF.[13]


Year Title Director Writer Producer Notes
2011 The Mirror Never Lies Yes Yes No
2015 Following Diana Yes Yes No Short film
2016 Chaotic Love Poems No No Yes
2017 The Seen and Unseen Yes Yes Yes
2018 Sekar Yes No Yes Short film
2019 Mountain Song No No Yes
2021 Yuni Yes Yes No
2022 Before, Now & Then Yes Yes No

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Award Category Recipients Result
2011 Indonesian Film Festival Citra Award for Best Director The Mirror Never Lies Nominated
2017 Indonesian Film Festival Citra Award for Best Director Sekala Niskala Nominated


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