Kane Basin


Kane Basin, Nunavut, Canada.
  Northwest Territories

Kane Basin (Danish: Kane Bassin; French: Bassin (de) Kane) is an Arctic waterway lying between Greenland and Canada's northernmost island, Ellesmere Island. It links Smith Sound to Kennedy Channel and forms part of Nares Strait. It is approximately 180 kilometres in length and 130 km at its widest.

It is named after the American explorer Elisha Kane, whose expedition in search of Franklin's lost expedition crossed it in 1854. Kane himself had named it "Peabody Bay," in honor of philanthropist George Peabody, the major funder of Kane's expedition.[1] Currently Peabody Bay is a bay at the eastern side of the basin, off the southwestern end of the Humboldt Glacier in northern Greenland.[2][3]

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Coordinates: 79°04′30″N 73°05′10″W / 79.07500°N 73.08611°W / 79.07500; -73.08611 (Kane Basin)