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A Keps nut, (also called a k-lock nut[1] or washer nut), is a nut with an attached, free-spinning washer.

Keps nuts


A kep nut is a special nut that has a hex head that is pre-assembled. It is considered to be a spinning external tooth lock washer that also makes assemblies more convenient. The kep nut has a locking action that is applied to the surface it is being applied to. They provide great support for connections that might need to be removed in the future. It is used to make assembly more convenient. Common washer types are star-type lock washers, conical, and flat washers.[1]


A kep nut is useful because it comes in different sizes and shapes. It is flexible in strength to fit in many kinds of machines. It has a perforated block use. This metal piece has an internal screw thread and is used on a bolt. This screw like can do tightening and holding something. The kep nut has a productivity from simple to complicated in use. It can give effectiveness in bringing about the looks of the product. A productive industry may use mechanical power and machinery that uses the nut. They need these kep nuts to keep machines together and in operation. To produce quality materials the machines need to stay strong together by using kep nuts. A manufacturer must keep in mind that producing the best materials. It would be best if you thought about what is keeping the machines together for good top working performance and this can make it more convenient. In building new machines or putting them together we want safety. The kep nut design is made to help hold the parts together. Safety is a big issue when working with machines and this can help things be more safe. A kep nut will not loosen when it is exposed to the slightest vibration. Lock nuts are so much more efficient because a basic standard nut only has a hole that is threaded.


Keps nut is also ideal when it can serve as an external tooth lock washer and nut. With the kep nut you are basically getting a 2 for one or 3 for one deal using it vs multiple parts. Installation is faster by not having to carry so many parts to get the job done. Having this one part instead of many will make things assemble faster and more efficient for the process. Small lock washers can be troublesome due to size and can be hard to find if dropped. This one part will make it easier to find if you do make a mistake. Keps nut which is called a k-lock nut or it can be called a washer nut. It is a nut that has a free spinning washer that is on it as well. The locking action is achieved when the nut is tightened against a bearing surface as the teeth of the lock washer digs into it. Nuts create tension against the material when installed onto the bolt. Keps nut is made to create tension against material when installed onto a bolt. Never over torque a keps nut because it will lose its functionality and this will cause problems.

'Keps' trademarkEdit

Keps is a trademark of ITW Shakeproof. The name comes from "kep" in ShaKEProof, and the "s" is because usually more than one are purchased.[2][3][4][5]


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