Kh-38 in maks2009.jpg
TypeTactical air-to-surface missile
Place of originRussia
Service history
In service2012 (Kh-38ME) - 2019 (Kh-36)
Used byRussia
WarsSyrian Civil War[1][2]
Production history
DesignerTactical Missiles Corporation JSC
Designed2007 (Kh-38ME) - 2015 (Kh-36)
ManufacturerTactical Missiles Corporation JSC
Produced2013 (Kh-38ME) - 2019 (Kh-36)
Mass520 kg (1,150 lb)
Length4.2 m (13 ft 9 in)
Diameter0.31 m (12.2 in)
WarheadHE fragmentation, cluster warhead, armor-piercing
Warhead weightup to 250 kg (551 lb)
Contact fuse

EngineSolid rocket motor
Wingspan1.14 m (44.9 in)
up to 70 km (37.8 nmi)
Flight ceiling12000 m
Flight altitude200-12000 m
Maximum speed Mach 2.2
Laser, active radar, IR, satellite, depending on variant
Kh-38: Su-34, Su-57, Mig-29M2, Ka-52K Kh-36: Su-57, MiG-35

The Kh-38/Kh-38M (Russian: Х-38) is a family of air-to-surface missiles meant to succeed the Kh-25 family of missiles.



The basic configuration of the Kh-38M was revealed at the 2007 Moscow Air Show (MAKS). The modular guided air-to-surface missile is meant to succeed the venerable Kh-25 missile family. The missile is designed to be carried by the fifth-generation Sukhoi Su-57 fighter aircraft. The first prototypes of the missile had initially folding wings and tail fins for internal carriage, and would have a variety of seeker heads for different variants.[3] In a successive version, unveiled at MAKS 2017, both control surfaces were replaced by longer and narrower fixed ones, a solution similar to the one used in the Selenia Aspide missile. [4]


  • Kh-38MAE[5] - inertial, active radar homing
  • Kh-38MKE[6] - inertial, satellite guidance
  • Kh-38MLE[7] - inertial, laser guidance
  • Kh-38MTE[8] - inertial, infrared guidance
  • Kh-36 Grom-1 AS-23 tactical cruise missile derivative/ AGM Air to Surface with 120km range
    • Kh-36P Grom-2 AS-23B / KAB- guided bomb gliding 50-km range version

600 kg, various aim guidance, both created on the base of Kh-38M short-range tactical missile and also have a modular structure, warheads and seekers. First seen at MAKS 2015, intended to equip all types of fighters, including the MiG-35 and Su-57 fighters.[9]

  • Kh-38M2 improvement of Kh-38M, optoelectronic IR UV (CCD also ?) sensors [10] [11]

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